Robotic News:

08:42 - 2017/04/23

MoRo Robot: Assistant Robot

Ewaybot, a startup founded in China in 2015, says MoRo “is designed for academic research and education, business activities, as well as domestic assistance,” but we can’t see anyone not named Mark Cuban spending that kind of dough for a home robot. So it’ll start as a robot for academic research.
16:08 - 2017/04/22

Peeqo Robot: The GIF Robot

Abhishek Singh graduated from NYU’s ITP program and clearly he learned a lot about the future of computing. During his tenure there he quickly fell in love with hardware startups and, with a little grit and programming work, he created Peeqo, a robot that responds only in GIFs. That’s right: this is a robot that replies only in animated video clips.
10:52 - 2017/04/22

iCub Robot: Humanoid Robot

The iCub is the humanoid robot developed at IIT as part of the EU project RobotCub and subsequently adopted by more than 20 laboratories worldwide. It has 53 motors that move the head, arms & hands, waist, and legs. It can see and hear, it has the sense of proprioception (body configuration) and movement (using accelerometers and gyroscopes). We are working to improve on this in order to give the iCub the sense of touch and to grade how much force it exerts on the environment.
09:07 - 2017/04/22

Ganker Robot: Fighting Robot

There’s an undeniable appeal to watching robots duke it out in an arena. Whether it’s as epic as Pacific Rim or as small-scale as BattleBots, it’s just endlessly fascinating. And soon, you can enjoy pitting robots against each other for entertainment from the comfort of your home with the Ganker, an app-controlled battle robot.
07:24 - 2017/04/22

MiRO Robot: The Biomimetic Robot

It's an intelligent robot, but anyone can build it! Every assembly step is explained with clear, easy-to-follow instructions. As you build, you'll learn new skills and Miro will gain exciting new functionality!
15:25 - 2017/04/21

Grizzly Robot: Unmanned Ground Vehicle Robot

Canada-based robotics company Clearpath Robotics has unveiled the aptly-named Grizzly Robot Utility Vehicle: an unmanned four wheel drive robotic platform that promises to tackle the most demanding agricultural, mining, and defense tasks you can throw at it, whatever the terrain.
11:45 - 2017/04/21

Sii Robot: Social Robot

Sii uses LCD screens for its eyes and mouth to display eight different emotions, including anger, disgust and surprise. Sii has three degrees of freedom in its neck that allow it to move forward and back, left to right, and shrug side to side.
14:37 - 2017/04/20

Obi Robot: The Robotic Dining Companion

The first product out of consumer robotics company Desin, Obi looks like a clean, modern kitchen appliance that could improve the quality of life for sufferers of conditions such as ALS, cerebral palsy, MS, Parkinson's and brain or spinal injuries.
09:19 - 2017/04/20

TORU Robot: Inventory-Grabbing Robot

If you work in any kind of storage facility or warehouse, there’s a better chance every day that you’re going to be working alongside robots. Magazino’s TORU is a good example of the latest generation: navigating by sight, safe around humans, and simple to put to work.
08:34 - 2017/04/20

Kubo Robot: The Educational Robot for Kids

KUBO is an educational robot that accelerates learning in coding, mathematics, language, and music through its TagTile programming language, which helps pre-school and primary school children explore and understand new concepts in a screenless, tangible environment.