Robotic News:

08:59 - 2018/09/11

Nemo Robot: Smart Underwater Robot

Nemo Robot is an underwater drone with UHD 4K camera that lets you view all the action on your smartphone or using VR goggles. It comes with 4 thrusters, 50-degree of freedom hovering and 360-degree movement. It also comes with LED lights for higher quality videos under water. Users will be able to share video on their smartphone in real-time.
08:17 - 2018/09/10

AMA Robot: Smart Carrying Robot

AMA Robot is an autonomous ground robot capable of moving loads up to 200kg and operating safely around humans. The AMA robot has a modular design and comes with SLAM tech, stainless steel construction, trackless navigation, and WiFi connectivity.
07:57 - 2018/09/09

Eli Robot: Smart Service Robot

Eli Robot is an autonomous shopping cart that can not only guide customers to the right aisle but also accepts payments. Eli comes with smart sensor to detect and avoid obstacles. It also recognizes human voices. Eli allows customers to pay with their credit cart. It is smart enough to go back to the charging station automatically.
07:50 - 2018/09/08

TeleBot Robot: Smart Police Robot

TeleBot is a robot capable of performing simple tasks such as doing fines for unauthorized parking. It is designed to be remotely controlled and its multiple sensors and cameras allow it to patrol anywhere in the streets. “We want to use the TeleBots to provide an opportunity for police veterans to continue to serve in support of law enforcement,” said Jeremy Robins, founder of the project.
08:51 - 2018/09/05

BabyX Robot: Smart Child Robot

BabyX Robot is an interactive animated virtual infant prototype. BabyX is a computer generated psychobiological simulation under development in the Laboratory of Animate Technologies and is an experimental vehicle incorporating computational models of basic neural systems involved in interactive behaviour and learning. These models are embodied through advanced 3D computer graphics models of the face and upper body of an infant.
08:32 - 2018/09/04

Super Monster Wolf Robot: Smart Wolf Robot

The robo-wolf can cover distances of up to half a mile and has been used in trials to patrol fields near Kisarazu City, Chiba, as a deterrent to pests, effectively acting as a moving scarecrow. In addition to its satanic stare, the creature features a realistic fur hide and snarling rubber jaws. Chikao Umezawa of the Japan Agricultural Cooperative, the man who commissioned it, said he has seen a significant drop in the number of crops devoured by animals since the beast was unleashed.
08:51 - 2018/09/03

Prosthesis Robot: Smart Huge Robot

Prosthesis Robot is a first exo-bionic racing mech, to CES this year. It looks bonkers. Prosthesis is 15 feet tall and weighs over 8,000 pounds. It’s an exoskeleton, not a robot, meaning it doesn’t operate automatically, it’s completely controlled by the human trapped inside. Like how it works in Power Rangers. Prosthesis can run up to 20 mph, step over obstacles, and run for up to an hour on a battery charge.
09:02 - 2018/09/02

DyRET Robot: Smart Military Robot

DyRET Robot is a quadruped robot platform designed for experiments in embodied and real-world evolutionary computing. It has legs that extend in two places so that the body-shape of the robot can be changed automatically. DyRET is primarily used for experiments in evolution of walking gaits for a quadruped robot. In our experiments the gait movement is evolved simultaneously with the leg-length of the robot.
08:28 - 2018/09/01

QTrobot Robot: Smart Assistant Robot

QTrobot that could aid in the development of autistic children. The robot can help both parents and therapists with autistic children who feel uncomfortable with human contact. The QTrobot is equipped with robotic arms and an LCD face. The findings of the study about the robot will be presented during this year's RO-MAN conference, a symposium that focuses on human and robot interactive communication at the end of August.
07:27 - 2018/08/29

FRAnny Robot: Smart Social Robot

FRAnny Robot is a social robot that is being used at Frankfurt Airport to guide passengers. It can answer questions in multiple languages. The robot is smart enough to provide info on gates, flight information, and ways to get around the airport.