Robotic News:

07:26 - 2018/07/04

SwarmDiver Robot: Smart Swarm Robot

A new underwater drone dubbed the SwarmDiver has been released by an underwater robotics company based in the United States. Their new design is aimed for combat operations, such as sea-based reconnaissance missions. Once in the water the drones look like a school of fish and are designed specifically to work in “swarms.”
07:16 - 2018/07/03

Giiro Robot: Smart Posturebot Robot

Giiro is made by the South Korean IoT company Gaze Lab in collaboration with a startup called Morethings that makes sensor-based products like smart insoles and smart golf mats. Gaze Lab previously launched its standing Gaze Desk on Kickstarter in 2016 and successfully raised enough to launch it. The Gaze Desk could also watch your posture through sensors, but the Giiro robot takes things a step further by giving you a funny look and imitating you when your stance is off.
07:36 - 2018/07/02

Hank Robot: Smart Exoskeleton Robot

HANK has six actuated joints and is designed to allow intensive overground gait training. An assistive gait control algorithm was developed to create a force field along a desired trajectory, only applying torque when patients deviate from the prescribed movement pattern. The device was evaluated in 3 hemiparetic stroke patients across 4 weeks of training per individual (approximately 12 sessions).
07:08 - 2018/07/01

Nuro Robot: Smart Automobile Robot

Nuro, a Mountain View, California, based startup, unveiled an autonomous vehicle Tuesday designed for making local commerce deliveries. The company plans to have several of the vehicles making deliveries on public roads by the end of the year. It's also developing another version of the vehicle that's suitable for mass production.
07:04 - 2018/06/30

CUE Robot: Smart Basketball Robot

A new basketball-playing robot in Japan may not be the biggest player on the court, but it sure can shoot. Known as "CUE," the six-foot-three-inch bot sinks free throws with 100 percent accuracy — 10 out of 10 in a fun new video released on March 14 (see below). That’s way better than the current NBA average of 77 percent — and even better than the record of Stephen Curry, whose 90.3 percent career average is tops among active players in the league.
07:30 - 2018/06/27

PowerBase Robot: Smart Bed Robot

Meet the Purple PowerBase, a new fully adjustable bed frame that promises to give you uniquely customized comfort and, most importantly, a better night’s sleep. Perhaps one of the more sophisticated adjustable bases we’ve seen, the PowerBase offers not only the ability to adjust the position of your bed, but also its height as well.
07:39 - 2018/06/26

ATR-Orbiter Robot: Snow Plow Robot

The ATR Orbiter is fully electric and tracked, so it can take on sand, snow, and challenging terrain. This radio controlled mobile robot crawler comes with an electric winch, stainless steel front lift , and remote control range of 150 meters.
07:29 - 2018/06/25

Rydis H67 Robot: Smart Vacuum Cleaner

The Moneual Rydis H67 Pro has a very simple glossy black finish with an understated display panel. The main cleaning modes are vacuum, mop (using an attachable mop plate and disposable wet and dry cleaning pads), and hybrid (a combo of vacuum and mop). You can access these options either from the remote control or directly on the bot using the "M" (mode) button.
07:41 - 2018/06/24

Smores-EP Robot: Smart Modular Robot

SMORES-EP is a modular robot designed and built at the University of Pennsylvania, and used by researchers at Penn and Cornell. SMORES stands for Self-Assembling MOdular Robot for Extreme Shapeshifting, and EP refers to the Electro-Permanent magnets the modules use to connect. SMORES-EP modules have four degrees of freedom (pan, tilt, and left/right wheels).
07:30 - 2018/06/20

He Qing Robot: Smart Chef Robot

He Qing Robot, grew frustrated with his spouse’s constant admonitions about his cooking ability (or lack thereof). As a result, he invented the new cooking machine, which has apparently successfully freed him from his own cooking responsibilities. Apparently, ever since he brought the cooker home, he hasn’t received any additional complaints about the availability of meals at home.