Robotic News:

08:36 - 2018/10/27

MU-L8 Robot: Smart Racing Robot

MU-L8 Robot is a unique advancement in the area of robotics research because of its ease of replication, low cost components relative to other comparable humanoids, and its employment of open-source ROS. ​ One of the main innovations of this robot is the use of a 3D printer to create the limbs, hands, feet, neck, and head of the teen-sized humanoid robot. ​
08:51 - 2018/10/24

HBS-1 Robot: Smart Humanoid Robot

HBS-1 Robot, The child-sized robot has anatomically-correct dimensions that closely mimic human motion with sufficient DOF. The robot has the dimensions and features of a seven-year-old child and is made entirely of 3D printed ABS parts and off the shelf components for maximum strength, simplicity and cost-effectiveness.
08:40 - 2018/10/23

Lola Robot: Smart Humanoid Robot

Lola Robot, The electronics architecture is designed as an intelligent sensor-actuator network with a central controller. The new decentral components increase the system’s performance from a technological point of view. Additional DoFs are introduced to allow for more flexible and natural motions. The trajectory generation and control system is currently being developed, aiming for faster, more flexible and more robust walking patterns.
08:31 - 2018/10/22

Automower 315X Robot: Smart Robotic Lawn Mower

Automower 315X Robot is a sleek-looking machine. Its two-tone plastic shroud with slim headlights and stylish wheels make it look more like an exotic race car than a lawn mower. It measures 9.8 by 20.0 by 24.8 inches (HWD), weighs 22.2 pounds, and is designed for lawns of up to 0.4 acres.
08:32 - 2018/10/21

Poppy Robot: Smart Humanoid Robot

The Poppy robot is designed to be a highly-functional humanoid robot that is relatively cheap to build, is easy to work with, and allows people to customize the robot with a wide range of components and software choices. The robot has a weight of 5.3 kilograms and a height of 83cm which makes it the size of a small child.
07:22 - 2018/10/20

Wabian-2R Robot: Smart Humanoid Robot

WABIAN-2R is controlled by a computer mounted on its trunk. The control computer consists of a PCI CPU board , which is connected to I/O boards through PCI bus. For I/O boards, the team used a HRP Interface Board which has 16ch D/As, 16ch Counters and 16ch PIOs, and six axis force/torque sensor receiver board. The operating system installed on control computer is QNX, which is a real time system.
08:19 - 2018/10/17

Taurus II Robot: Bomb Disposal Robot

Taurus II Robot is a bomb disposal robot provides bomb squad operators fine motor control in a compact frame. To intercept and defuse devices, the robot relays high-definition 3D images and tactile feedback to a technician from a safe distance. Inside the headset, the user gazes through the robot’s magnifying lenses and sees virtual icons that show what actions they can take with the Oculus Touch controllers.
08:08 - 2018/10/16

SeRArm Robot: Smart Inspection Robot

SeRArm Robot is a highly flexible slender (i.e. low diameter-to-length ratios) continuum robot of 25 degrees of freedom. The robot is capable to navigate into crammed environments and then perform complex trajectories with a camera equipped machining end-effector for allowing in-situ interventions. The goal of this project is to shorten both the time and cost of maintenance works ...
08:21 - 2018/10/15

Moxi Robot: Smart Hospital Robot

Moxi Robot described as a socially intelligent robot capable of supporting clinical staff to become a vital and trusted member of the team. Unlike, say, Robear — a Japanese-made health care robot capable of lifting people in and out of a bed — Moxi isn’t built for patient interaction. Instead, it’s designed to carry out a range of logistical tasks for nurses, giving them more time for interaction with patients.
08:57 - 2018/10/14

Angus Robot: Smart Robotic Farm

The first is a porter: a 1,000-pound wheeled bot named Angus that moves pallets of seedlings around the warehouse in their hydroponic growing vats. The second is a robotic arm (currently unnamed) that picks up individual plants and moves them from vat to vat. All of this is overseen by a computer program (nicknamed “the Brain”) that monitors the growing conditions in each pallet and adjusts their balance of gases and nutrients for optimal growing conditions.