Robotic News:

07:16 - 2017/07/17

Lumigent Robot: The Smart Robotic Desk Lamp

This desk lamp will light up your life and in more ways than one. Meet the Lumigent, a robotic smart desk lamp that is much more than a light source. Rather, this artificially intelligent device boasts speech recognition capabilities and transformation functions and will even take photos for you — if you ask nicely.
07:27 - 2017/07/16

Freemotion Handling Robot: Smart Robotic Orb

The handling system consists of an ultra-light carbon ring with eight adaptive propellers. In the middle of the ring sits a rotatable helium ball with an integrated gripping element. As a result, both man and machine can interact with each other easily and safely, opening up entirely new possibilities for the workplace of the future.
07:27 - 2017/07/15

OctoGripper Robot: the Octopus-Inspired Robotic Arm

A reliable place to turn for mechanical inspiration is the animal kingdom. The German automation company Festo just made a robotic arm that takes its cue from an octopus. Meet the OctoGripper.
07:35 - 2017/07/12

Seekur Robot: Mobile manipulator

Seekur Jr is a skid steer, four wheel drive, all-weather robot platform for research and new experimental application development. Seekur Jr's powerful drive motors allow movement up steep slopes and over rough terrain. Manipulation, sensing, additional computing and wireless communication can be added to fit any application.
07:48 - 2017/07/11

Panther Robot: Air/Ground Robot

The Autonomous AT Panther Air/Ground Robot can carry 7 pounds of payload. The AT Panther Air Robot can carry 22 pounds of payload. Robotic arms, heavy cameras, and sensors can also be installed on the robot. The robot is considered a small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) under current FAA regulations.
08:16 - 2017/07/10

Fedor Robot: Russia's new target-shooting

A Russian technology company and military research agency have teamed up to create a firearm-wielding robot that they plan on sending to space. The futuristic sharpshooter named FEDOR (Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research) was initially designed by Russian firm Android Technics and the government's Advanced Research Fund for search and rescue missions. The project was commissioned by the Russian government as its first domestically produced anthropomorphic robot.
07:43 - 2017/07/09

Halluc llx Robot: Eight-Legged Robot

The concept of Halluc II, model 2 of the Hallucigenia project, is a future vehicle that can co-exists with natural environment. It features a newly developed ultra-multi-motored system with 56 motors, which makes traveling on unpaved surfaces possible and eliminates the need for paving. It transforms into three modes: vehicle, insect, and animal mode.
07:45 - 2017/07/08

Xingzhe Robot: World Record With Continuous 83-Mile Walk

A four-legged robot built by Chinese researchers just walked 83 miles on a single battery charge, more than doubling the previous record for longest distance covered by a quadruped robot. Xingzhe (or "Walker") No. 1 resembles the design of the Cornell-built Ranger robot that traveled 41 miles for the record in 2011: two pairs of legs that swing past each other in turns, shifting the weight of the robot forward and producing a highly efficient gait.
15:57 - 2017/06/25

Cobalt Robot: Security Robot

It can stand guard day and night, and if it detects anything unexpected -- like an open window, a leaky pipe, or a person in the room -- then an offsite employee can use it as a telepresence robot to manage the situation without putting themselves in a potentially dangerous situation. The robot is loaded with more than 60 sensors and computational power that can handle machine learning algorithms.
12:01 - 2017/06/22

Marble Robot: Food Delivery Robot

Fledgling robotics startup Marble has announced its first public-facing partnership, one that will see food delivered to hungry San Franciscans via a little ground-based autonomous drone. Headquartered in San Francisco, Marble has been buzzing around in stealth for some time now, but an eagle-eyed tech writer spotted a Marble / Yelp Eat24 co-branded robot out on the streets last month, apparently during a promotional photo shoot.