Robotic News:

07:03 - 2018/03/05

RoDyMan Robot: Smart Chef Robot

RoDyMan will be an innovative mobile platform with a torso, two lightweight arms and a sensorized head that will execute complex manipulation movements similar to the ones humans carry out on a daily basis. The tasks will be carried out in the presence of humans, hence requiring human-robot cooperation.
09:13 - 2018/03/04

Fortis Robot: Smart Exoskeleton Robot

Fortis Robot is an Exoskeleton technologies can bring new capabilities to fighting forces and improve endurance and safety in industrial settings. Lockheed Martin continues refinement of next-generation products with primary focus on unpowered exoskeletons for industrial use. These lightweight suits are designed to increase in industrial productivity and can prevent common workplace injuries.
07:34 - 2018/03/03

PowerDolphin Robot: Smart Marine Robot

PowerDolphin is equipped with a unique dual-joint rotation camera.The lens is capable of wide-angle shooting up to 132° more can be achieved by rotating to meet the needs of different angles.The rotation view angle is from - 135° to + 80° (Defining a 0° horizontal position and a negative rotation towards the water) providing the user with a viewing angle of 215°.
07:27 - 2018/03/01

Dolphin S300i Robot: Pool Cleaning Robot

The Dolphin S 300i can clean the floors, walls and waterline of many different pools, and comes with many useful features that include operation delay and a weekly timer. Its multi-layer filter also catches both ultrafine and rough debris, making it an extremely versatile cleaner that works effectively in a wide variety of circumstances. Acquiring a Dolphin S 300i is easy too since Pool Rescue offers a broad selection of Maytronics Dolphin products.
07:13 - 2018/02/28

Dolphin S300 Robot: Pool Cleaning Robot

The Dolphin S300 incorporates a Multi-Layer Filter that provides highly efficient, clog-free filtration. Active Brushing is effective at scrubbing and cleaning away algae and bacteria. Use the multi-function power supply to set the S300 pool cleaner to fast or regular mode. The Maytronics Dolphin S300 features a the PowerStream Mobility System for enhanced navigation and complete pool coverage.
07:15 - 2018/02/27

Dolphin S200 Robot: Pool Cleaning Robot

Experience superior Dolphin S pool cleaning, with this basic robot. With its ultra-light weight and quick water release, Dolphin S200 is super-easy to handle. Choose between two filtration options to capture rough debris or fine dirt. And the dual active brushing action and PowerStream Mobility System ensure efficient pool coverage, with extra-thorough scrubbing on all surfaces – leaving the floor, walls and waterline spotlessly clean.
07:24 - 2018/02/26

Laika Robot: Smart Entertainment Robot

Laika has two different modes of play. Set the Laika to self-play so your pup remains engaged even when you’re otherwise occupied or take the controls between meetings so you can play with and reward your dog for good behavior. Laika gives your dog an interactive friend unlike any other to play with. It’s there to help you pup feel less lonely while you’re away and keep them from constantly barking, chewing up the furniture or other bad behaviors.
07:02 - 2018/02/25

Trexo Robot: Smart Rehabilitation Robot

The Trexo robot is designed to help children with disabilities experience walking. It works by converting a passive walker into a fully powered robotic device that is completely mobile. Comprised of two wearable robotics legs that can be attached to any walker, the device allows a child to experience walking independently using a piece of equipment that they’re already familiar with.
07:13 - 2018/02/24

Maze Breaker Robot: Smart Toy Robot

Maze Breaker Robot is able to record your voice et repeat what you say in robot mode, up to 3 recordings, It moves and dances by emitting sound effects /music, LED eyes are bright and change colors,Path Tracker: when you draw a path, it will follow. When you draw a loop, il will walk inside it, Put in on the MAZE and i twill find the way out and can be controlled with a smartphone application.
07:58 - 2018/02/22

Pari Robot: Smart Social Robot

Pari is the first commercial humanoid robot designed and manufactured in Nepal. Developed by Paaila Technology, Pari was created to fulfill the role of a lobby manager assisting customers by verbally explaining the bank’s functionalities. This robot will help the customer know about the business through sound and an interactive touch screen software.