Robotic News:

08:30 - 2018/11/13

IHR Robot: Smart Home Robot

IHR Robot is a smart home robot that comes to the rescue. Designed by Wanheng Chen for Sichuan Konka Smart Technology, the conceptual robot works by monitoring your home at all times and making decisions for you. This could include activating your autonomous vacuum if the floors are dirty, turning the alarm system on and locking the doors if you aren't home and much more.
08:45 - 2018/11/12

MSRR Robot: Smart Modular Robot

MSRR Robot is the adaption to complex environments and changeable tasks. A critical difficulty is that the operator should regulate a large number of control parameters of modules. In this paper, a novel locomotion control model based on chaotic Central Pattern Generator (CPG) is proposed. The chaotic CPG could produce various rhythm signals or chaotic signal only by changing one parameter.
08:57 - 2018/11/11

AquaSimian Robot: Smart Industrial Robot

AquaSimian Robot includes capabilities to detect and autonomously respond to any leaks or motor faults by disconnecting motor power when the system is in an off-nominal state and notifying the operator through LED lighting on the Light Lids that seal the actuator assembly housings. A custom 3-function robotic gripper mounted to the force torque sensor allows dexterous yet robust interaction with underwater task panels.
09:00 - 2018/11/10

Air Octor Robot: Smart Soft Robot

Air Octor Robot uses pneumatically-pressurized chambers to provide the structural support necessary for bending. The robot's manipulator uses a combination of motors and pneumatic pressure regulators for actuation. DC motors, spools, and cables are combined to form a tendon-cable servo system which is used to control the bending of the manipulator sections.
07:53 - 2018/11/05

LittleApe Robot: Smart Four Legged Robot

LittleApe Robot The small and extreme lightweight robot is capable of walking on two and four legs as well as of changing from a four-legged posture to a two-legged posture. ​LittleApe features the proportions corresponding to its biological archetype. The most promising species for the robot's requirements like climbing and walking on four and two legs are the chimpanzee and its close relative, the bonobo.
08:44 - 2018/11/04

CLASH Robot: Smart Micro Robot

CLASH Robot is a robot capable of climbing vertical loose-cloth surfaces at 15 cm per second. The robot has a single actuator driving its six legs which are equipped with novel passive foot mechanisms to facilitate smooth engagement and disengagement of spines. These foot mechanisms are designed to be used on penetrable surfaces and offer improved tensile normal force ...
08:23 - 2018/11/03

Romeo Robot: Smart Humanoid Robot

Romeo Robot has been conceived to one day work as an assistant to elderly persons, to lengthen the time that they can continue to live independently in their own homes. Romeo is be able to walk up stairs, support people that have difficulty walking, or fetch objects from another room by himself. Romeo can also remind his owners of appointments or tell them when to take their medicine.
08:48 - 2018/10/31

Posten Robot: Smart Deliver Robot

Posten Robot could signal the disappearance of the mailbox. A resident will receive a message that letters and packages are en route. He or she can decide to go down the street to pick them up or have them delivered to the front door at a convenient time. The robot drives back on its own in the evening. Overnight, it is filled with the next day’s deliveries.
07:43 - 2018/10/29

Huggable Robot: Smart Home Robot

Huggable Robot is designed to be much more than a fun interactive robotic companion. It is designed to function as a team member that is an essential member of a triadic interaction. Therefore, the Huggable is not designed to replace any particular person in a social network, but rather to enhance that human social network.
08:47 - 2018/10/28

Exosuit Robot: Smart Rehabilitation Robot

The soft exosuit creates forces on the body during walking through a Bowden cable-actuated multi-articular textile that interfaces to the wearer at the pelvis, leg and foot. The suit mimics the underlying function of the muscles at the hip and ankle and generates forces through a combination of passive and active tensioning.