Robotic News:

08:28 - 2018/09/25

Ibuki Robot: Smart Child Robot

Ibuki Robot is capable of scanning for faces and has a half-track system that aids movement, but so far those are the only things it can do, since the robot was not built for specific actions, but for somewhat more psychological ones; Professor Ishiguro has also made an android copy of himself a while back and has since stated that his creations are meant to help people rediscover their psyche.
08:20 - 2018/09/24

Codey Rocky Robot: Smart Educational Robot

Codey Rocky Robot is a cute robot that introduces your children to graphical programming and gets them ready for Python. The Codey Rocky robot comes with 10 electronic modules that can be programmed to perform all kinds of functions. Codey is a detachable controller while Rocky is the car. Codey comes with a 6-axis gyroscope and can serve as a controller for your games.
13:40 - 2018/09/23

22T Robot: Smart Lawnmower Robot

22T Robot Lawnmower is a powerful machine that can handle complex mowing scenarios. It is ready for slope mowing as it uses powerful motor and rugged tracks to climb hills. The 22T is a tracked mower which features Evatech's patented hybrid technology that allows operators to safely mow steep slopes.
08:17 - 2018/09/18

VeriTab Robot: Smart Social Robot

VeriTab Robot is a robot capable of handling transactions of customers. The VeriTab is a humanoid robot with a touchscreen interface. It serves as a self-service payment solution to make life easier for your customers. VeriTab Robot also has a beautiful eye-catching design with LED lights that adds more appeal to audiences than ever before.
09:09 - 2018/09/17

Palro Robot: Smart Entertainment Robot

Palro Robot is a bipedal robot developed to keep you company. It can be used to watch and communicate with family members remotely. The robot can also bring you the news, weather, calendar, and other topics. Palro was originally designed for senior citizens to prevent dementia and make them more independent. The consumer version will be available from August 29.
08:14 - 2018/09/16

Torobo Robot: Smart Humanoid Robot

Torobo Robot is designed to have similar body size to humans. It can be used for the research of applying a robot to the human's living space, and the research of a robot working in a production line instead of workers. Because Torobo has torque sensors in all the joints and can control its joint torque directly, it can be used for the applied research of force control and impedance control.
08:40 - 2018/09/15

Botley Robot: Smart Educational Robot

Botley Robot is here to introduce coding in an easy, friendly way. Children as young as 5 can learn to code with Botley, and with his advanced features, he’ll grow with them for many play filled years to come. Botley is ready to use right out of the box – he’ll have kids coding in minutes. And that’s not all, Botley is 100% screen free and includes a 77-piece activity set – the only robot to offer that!
08:05 - 2018/09/12

Mio Robot: Smart Social Robot

mio - the sociable and helpful robot that cruises the busiest streets and crowded venues with style and efficiency. Designed to save time and to assist people, he can’t help but perform his tasks in the most adorable way possible and thus gain the attention of everyone around him. Mio is a perfect helper at all kinds of events: conferences, expos, concerts and festivals.
08:59 - 2018/09/11

Nemo Robot: Smart Underwater Robot

Nemo Robot is an underwater drone with UHD 4K camera that lets you view all the action on your smartphone or using VR goggles. It comes with 4 thrusters, 50-degree of freedom hovering and 360-degree movement. It also comes with LED lights for higher quality videos under water. Users will be able to share video on their smartphone in real-time.
08:17 - 2018/09/10

AMA Robot: Smart Carrying Robot

AMA Robot is an autonomous ground robot capable of moving loads up to 200kg and operating safely around humans. The AMA robot has a modular design and comes with SLAM tech, stainless steel construction, trackless navigation, and WiFi connectivity.