Robotic News:

07:30 - 2018/07/18

Big Clapper Robot: Smart Tomato Robot

Big Clapper (which we spotted via IEEE Spectrum) started its life as an art project by Japanese designer Masato Takahashi, who first built a single pair of clapping hands, then two, and then a whole wall. Earlier prototypes used more lifelike hands, which were, in Takahashi’s own words, “completely disgusting.” After showing off some prototype Big Clappers at CES this year (to rapturous applause no doubt), Takahashi has turned to Kickstarter to raise funds for a larger production run.
07:51 - 2018/07/17

Hana Chan Robot: Odor Detecting Robotic Dog

Hana-chan — a play on hana (nose) and a common girl’s nickname — is a helpful little robot mutt that will bark if she detects moderately stinky toes, but will keel over if they are particularly pungent. The 15-cm robot, equipped with an odor detection sensor for a nose, also sprays air freshener to resolve the situation if the aroma is unbearable. Manufacturers Next Technology created the robot in response to a request from a man who was desperate to know if he had a problem.
07:21 - 2018/07/16

Hexa Robot: Smart Entertainment Robot

Hexa is a small crab-like looking robot, which is available to buy for $949 and is designed to give people the chance to experiment with robotics. Tianqi published his mod last year, but it gained public attention after an article by The Verge. The mod in question fits Hexa with a succulent, which it then cares for.
07:38 - 2018/07/15

Hubo Robot: Smart Humanoid Robot

From providing information in various languages at Incheon Airport and offering water bottles in Pyeongchang at the Winter Games to skiing down the slopes, the tasks they performed were part of South Korea's efforts to project itself on the robotics map. And they did not go unnoticed. One of those 85 robots was Hubo, a humanoid created by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in Daejeon, just over 130km from the capital Seoul.
06:10 - 2018/07/14

PINO Robot: Smart Two Feet Robot

Pino, the humanoid robot was developed to participation Robocup Humanoid League. The importance of exterior design is connected rst and foremost to the protection of its inside system in much the same way a car or computer is similarly shielded from contact. Still, providing a mere protective shield to reduce the risk of damage to its inner systems during performance could not sufficiently express our research direction which aims to express the role of the humanoid robot in society in the future.
07:34 - 2018/07/11

HAMR Robot: A Cockroach-Inspired Robot

Small wonder that scientists want to copy the cockroach, one of the most durable creatures around. But Harvard roboticists are now one-upping the insect with Harvard's Ambulatory Microbot (HAMR). The new, next-generation HAMR can walk on land, swim on the surface of water, and walk underwater for as long as needed. What gives HAMR its terrain flexibility are the multifunctional feet, made of electrowetting pads (EWP).
07:23 - 2018/07/10

Ulo Robot: The Interactive Surveillance Camera

Ulo, the interactive surveillance camera. With an owl design, this clever device even has actual eyes to focus on the environment. Communicating and interacting with you through eye expressions, Ulo can get across a variety of messages. Although Ulo looks cute, inside are a whole host of surveillance technologies. The beak is actually a two-way mirror with a camera and a motion sensor.
07:43 - 2018/07/08

CanguRo Robot: Smart Assistant Robot

the CanguRo is designed to be a follow-me personal assistant and (slow poke) people mover. In the former mode, it's 550 mm (21.6 in) long and uses artificial intelligence smarts known as scanSLAM to generate 3D maps using data from sensors and estimate its own location within that space. That sensor array includes 3D LiDAR, a wide angle camera and distance sensor.
07:23 - 2018/07/07

Ivan Miranda Robot: Smart Sand Robot

Ivan Miranda Robot is effectively a long bar that acts kind of like a printer, rolling across the beach and spelling out messages by making a series of dashes in the sand. A mechanical unit slides across the main metal bar and when it gets to the spot where it needs to draw, a little notch drops down and makes a stripe in the sand.
07:26 - 2018/07/04

SwarmDiver Robot: Smart Swarm Robot

A new underwater drone dubbed the SwarmDiver has been released by an underwater robotics company based in the United States. Their new design is aimed for combat operations, such as sea-based reconnaissance missions. Once in the water the drones look like a school of fish and are designed specifically to work in “swarms.”