Robotic News:

07:10 - 2018/04/11

Mabu Robot: Smart Medicine Robot

Mabu the personal healthcare companion is the face of Catalia Health’s platform for patient engagement. We’ll be talking more about the backend software algorithms and medical best practices that drive her conversations with patients in the future. She’s designed to help patients with the myriad challenges of chronic disease management and will be first rolled out this year to help a particular group of patients manage the medication portion of their treatment.
07:02 - 2018/04/10

Biki Robot: Smart Underwater Robot

BIKI moves at a speed of 1.12 miles per hour and can reach a maximum depth of 196 feet. The entire system operates at a 55 decibel level. The camera included with the units takes 4K Ultra HD 3840x2160P, 16 MegaPixel video and can store between 90 and 120 minutes of footage on its 32 Gigabyte internal memory. Two 114 Lumen lights can illuminate deeper areas for the 150 degree wide angle lens to take video, and an onboard camera stabilizer is designed to give a smooth view as the camera swims through the water.
06:42 - 2018/04/09

Wheeme Robot: Smart Massage Robot

WheeMe is a palm-sized robot, designed solely for your relaxation. Using a unique sensor technology, WheeMe moves along the back, creating wave after wave of soothing sensations, without falling down or losing grip. Enjoy your own portable massage therapist anytime, anywhere.
07:31 - 2018/04/08

Promobot Robot: Smart Service Robot

Promobot – is an autonomous service robot for business. It is designed to work in places of increased concentration of people, in which it helps people with navigation, autonomously moves, communicates and answers any questions, shows promotional materials and remembers everyone with whom it had to communicate.
07:40 - 2018/04/07

Flippy Robot: Smart Making Hamburger Robot

Flippy is more of an automaton than a human replacement. It’s essentially an industrial robot arm with a spatula attached that uses machine vision to locate burgers on the grill, time how long they’ve been cooking, and flip them when needed. Human workers still have to do everything else — including placing cheese on the burger, assembling the food, and taking a customer’s order. Flippy is primarily earning its keep as a visitor attraction, just like those Chinese restaurants that use robot waiters.
07:33 - 2018/04/05

Bleum Robot: Smart Warehouse Robot

Bleum is positioned to help firms who want to meet and surpass Amazon’s standard-setting efficiencies. Bleum’s teams have built logistics systems for top Supply Chain software providers and end customers for 15 years. We have built and deployed Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) Transportation Management Systems (TMS) Workforce Management Systems (WFM) and Order Management Systems (OMS) in more than 20 countries around the world.
07:25 - 2018/04/04

THESbot Robot: Semi-Autonomous Pipe Inspection Robot

The THESBot Dual is semi-autonomous and can handle inspection of 6″ pipes. It has a traction system that allows it to adapt to different geometries and obstacles. Its front camera allows for visual inspection of hard to reach areas.
07:16 - 2018/03/08

DXR 130 Robot: Smart Demolition Robot

DXR 310 is our most powerful remote-controlled demolition robot with a telescopic arm, extending the reach for a flexible set-up. Despite its low weight and compactness it delivers a power of 22 kW, making it ideal for efficient demolition in tough environments. The outriggers are individually controlled, and combined with a large footprint, provide superior stability, which enables high workload.
07:13 - 2018/03/07

Ero Robot: Smart Demolition Robot

Reinforced concrete consists of concrete poured on a mesh of steel rebar. This provides a great deal of strength, but it also makes demolition a slow, difficult process involving a great deal of smashing, bashing, and crushing. This brute force method is even used by advanced demolition robots that rely on jack hammers and shovels. The end result is a process that requires huge amounts of power, lengthy separation of crushed concrete and twisted rebar, and the machinery and transportation to achieve this.
07:07 - 2018/03/06

Mitra Robot: Smart Service Robot

Mitra robot that is already functioning in a Canara Bank branch in Bengaluru, welcoming clients, and it will soon headed for hospitals and movie theatres in India, welcoming patients and reminding them of their medical history, while offering suggestions for movie-goers based on their past visits. Four prototypes, moulded in a Dongguan factory with circuit boards from Shenzhen, are currently being shipped to India. If the company is successful, hundreds more may be on the way.