Robotic News:

07:17 - 2018/08/01

Hexbug Robot: Smart Toy Robot

Robots playing football is nothing new. We have already covered plenty of large humanoids capable of attempting it. The HEXBUG Robotic Soccer kit lets you play football with smaller bots. The arena comes with 6 interchangeable tops, 3 sticker sheets, and 2 soccer bots. You get 2 RC soccer bots and a fold-out game board too.
08:10 - 2018/07/31

Centauro Robot: Smart Rescue Robot

Centauro is the latest experiment by scientists to find the most adaptable and useful body-shape for robots designed to help in disasters. Usually, these machines are built like humans, with two arms and two legs, but researchers are increasingly finding that hybrid designs offer more flexibility. With its four wheeled legs, Centauro is more stable than a humanoid bot, but still retains the two forward-facing arms needed for manipulating objects like tools and doors. (Or, as in the video below, karate-chopping some plywood for fun.)
08:31 - 2018/07/30

Drakbot Robot: Smart Pool Robot

The Drakbot features 3 automatic cleaning cycles plus a manual cleaning mode so you can have a fast clean up before friends and family arrive.. The 2 filter system will catch even the small debris as it cleans your pool with it's standard size mesh and fine mesh filter screens. The wide base enables the Drakbot to clean even the largest of pools quickly to save time, the soft rubber bumper surround will protect not only the cleaner but also your valuable pool from any damage plus the 5 pivoting wheels make it easy for the Drakbot to maneuver around any pool shape.
07:24 - 2018/07/29

RC20 Robot: Smart Carrying Robot

This is partly due to the aim of manufacturing, assembly, logistics, and distribution plants and warehouses to lower labor costs with automation and lean processes. Right now, the automotive industry dominates AGV use (at 25% of all applications) but growing drivers are global industrialization, e-commerce, and interest in leveraging IIoT functionality (with integration of automation with enterprise-level operations) in an array of other industries.
08:03 - 2018/07/28

YT01 Robot: Smart Tractor Robot

YT01 Robot: Out of all the agricultural equipment that could have been chosen for autonomous operation the tractor was the strongest contender, because the tractor works hard all year long, from soil cultivation all the way through to harvest. With a declining workforce, which is also aging as young people choose to pursue careers in other fields, driverless tractors might just be the long-sought-after answer that the Japanese agricultural industry has been looking for.
08:51 - 2018/07/25

Creator Robot: Smart Chef Robot

Creator Robot makes each burger to order: grinding pasture-raised chuck and brisket into a patty, slicing and dicing the fixings, grating cheese, and cooking the burger. It eliminates the need for line cooks, though as many as nine "robot attendants" will be on the floor to take orders, deliver burgers and drinks, and restock the robot's ingredients.
07:22 - 2018/07/24

SHRIMP Robot: Smart Micro Robot

The SHRIMP program — short for SHort-Range Independent Microrobotic Platforms — is an effort to develop new insect-scale robots for operating in environments where much larger robots may be less effective. In the tradition of its DARPA Grand Challenges, the organization is seeking proposals for suitable robots, in this case ones that weigh less than a gram and are smaller than one cubic centimeter.
08:46 - 2018/07/23

RS1-T3 Robot: Smart Firefighter Robot

Howe & Howe is behind some of the most awesome extreme vehicles we have seen. Their Robotic Fire Fighter RS1-T3 is pretty special too. The Thermite RS1-T3 is a 1250 GPM firefighting robot that can contain fires of any magnitude while keeping humans safe.
07:32 - 2018/07/22

OScar Robot: Smart Four-Wheeled Robot

OScar Robot is a programmable robotic platform with Arduino UNO that can be equipped with lights, off-road wheels, and a pan/tilt GoPro mount for your experiments. It has interchangeable wheels and other modular components. The robot can climb slopes up to 20 degrees. It has max towing capacity of 5lbs.
07:23 - 2018/07/21

Arlo Baby Robot: Smart Baby Monitor

Here is another cute baby camera that lets you monitor your young ones and have peace of mind throughout the night. The Arlo Baby by NETGEAR features 2-way audio, night vision, air sensors, night light, and a lullaby player. It works with Alexa and HomeKit.