Robotic News:

08:06 - 2017/08/17

JR2 Robot: Mobile Manipulator

JR2 is an autonomous mobile manipulator, specially designed for the development of industrial mobile manipulation applications. JR2 arm is a 6 DOF high quality industrial collaborative robot that can handle payloads up to 5 Kg (completely extended). The arm can mount almost any standard end effector, including 2 finger servo-grippers by Schunk or Weiss Robotics.
07:21 - 2017/08/16

G-Ball Robot: Mobile Service Robotic

G-BALL is a mobile manipulator consisting of the Guardian mobile platform and the LWA 4P robotic arm, designed by Robotnik and Schunk, respectively. G-BALL has high performance and competitive price. A mobile manipulator is composed of a mobile platform and a robotic arm, including thus the advantages of both elements.
07:30 - 2017/08/15

Fetch Robot: Autonomous Mobile Robot

FETCH is a mobile manipulator designed to address the logistics industry and applicable to the development of future applications incorporating USB extension ports for maximum exploitation. It makes use of the open software architecture in ROS.
07:29 - 2017/08/14

Cozmo Robot: Smart Assistant Robotic

The Anki Cozmo doesn't say anything else, just musical beeps and blips. It's a robot toy available for the holidays, and also a project of sorts. According to Anki, the company making the Cozmo, it's an animated character brought to life in a robot. I'd describe it best as a semi-aware robot with a budding personality. And what's most fascinating to me is I'm falling for its cuteness...and so are my kids.
08:05 - 2017/08/13

CROM Robot: Upper Body robot

CROM is an upper body robot intended for research in manufacturing environments. It’s capable of performing repetitive and accurate tasks. This is possible thanks to each one of the most advanced components integrated, from Schunk arms to Barrett Hand. It requires no safety cages or barriers and it is safe to operate directly next to people, so it’s ideal for research and development of human-collaboration robotics in production environments. CROM torso is a modular an extensible platform.
07:44 - 2017/08/12

AGVS Robot: Automatic Guided Vehicle

AGVS is an autonomous mobile robot intended for indoor transportation tasks. AGVS is motorized by two motors controlling direction and traction. The robot has a low profile chassis, making it suitable for movement under roller containers. The chassis, which is produced in aluminium and steel, carries the batteries, the motors and the mechanical transmissions, so as an electric axis to lift up and down the upper part of the robot.
07:35 - 2017/08/09

XL-MICO Robot: Mobile Manipulator Robot

The Summit XL robot, either in its standard or Mecanum wheel configuration, is the base that supports the robotic arm MICO². Kinova robotic arms are a perfect solution for the integration in our mobile platforms. This arm contributes to the manipulator a number of notable features: A lightweight arm of 6 DOF that can be configured with two or three fingers.
07:59 - 2017/08/08

X-WAM Robot: The Mobile Manipulator Concept

X-WAM robot can be raised to a considerable height (such a table, for example) greatly expanding the manipulator workspace, allowing it to reach objectsat different heights. The suspension of the mobile manipulator has the ability to lower its center of gravity(COG). Lowering the COG allows it to reach speedsup to 3m/s.
08:23 - 2017/08/07

G-WAM Robot: Mobile Manipulator Robot

Meet the G-WAM Mobile Manipulator: a robotic solution that can dexterously handle almost any object. It is composed of a mobile platform and robotic arm. The robot is suitable for indoor/outdoor navigation, disposal of explosives, remote mapping, and other situations.
07:42 - 2017/08/06

Andros F6B Robot: The Bomb Disposal Robot

Thursday night, the Dallas Police Department (DPD) used a bomb disposal robot with lethal force. After hours of negotiations failed, the police strapped a pound of C4 and a detonation cord to the robot, maneuvered the robot near the suspect, and detonated, killing the 25-year-old suspect Micah Johnson. In a police statement issued on Saturday, the DPD named the bot used in this unprecedented operation—the Remotec Andros F5 model.