Robotic Events:

14:50 - 2017/07/16

Second National Conference on Interdisciplinary Research in Engineering

The second national conference on interdisciplinary research in computer, electrical, mechanical, and mechatronics industries aims to bring together experts from various sciences, sharing experience and research results in a variety of interdisciplinary areas, in addition to finding new solutions for various challenges, the ground for Identify the need for new threads and introduce them.
14:22 - 2017/07/16

International Conference on Basic Research in Electrical Engineering

The International Conference on Basic Research in Electrical Engineering will be held by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology at the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology at the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology at No. 284460/16, by the Higher Nonprofit Higher Education Institution in July 1396. The secretariat of the conference and magazine with the ISI rank is closed, and a limited number of articles of this conference will be sent to the conference after being reviewed and accepted for publication in the journal.
08:22 - 2017/07/16

5th International Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics

The 5th International Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics is organized by the Robotics Society of Iran (RSI) with collaboration of other scientific societies in particular the Iranian Society of Mechatronics (ISM). This conference will be held to bring the relevant communities together, to exchange ideas and to create fruitful connections between active researchers and industrial professionals in these fields.
11:29 - 2017/07/15

RoboCup 2017 Japan

It's an annual international robotics competition proposed and founded in 1997. The aim is to promote robotics and AI research, by offering a publicly appealing, but formidable challenge. “Competition pushes advances in technologies. What we learn from robots playing soccer or navigating a maze can be applied to industry and help us solve difficult real-world problems,” according to Professor Maurice Pagnucco, Head of the School of Computer Science and Engineering at UNSW.
10:16 - 2017/07/15

14th World Robot Olympiad WRO 2017

It's a global robotics competition for young people. The World Robot Olympiad competition uses Lego Mindstorms manufactured by LEGO Education.[1] First held in 2004 in Singapore, it now attracts more than 20,000 teams from nearly 60 countries.
08:56 - 2017/07/15

The 6th Kurdistan Free Robotic Competition

Robotic science and technology as one of the most important drivers of human future has always been a matter for the academic community and scientific researchers. Islamic Azad University, Sanandaj Branch, with the aim of playing an important role in advancing this important issue, organizes national Kurdistan Free Kurdistan National Robotics Competitions with a different approach and designs in different competitions and annually. The tournament is a platform to support innovative and technological ideas in the field of robotics, which, according to its five years of successful implementation, is in line with national standards and consistent with the main goals of promoting robotics science in the country.
08:37 - 2017/07/15

The Second Round of Robotic Competitions

In order to keep pace with the growing growth of robotics and the growth of Iranian youth with the aim of fostering the intellectual and scientific skills, the second period of ROBOTIVE robotics competitions, with the material and spiritual support of the Management and Development Company of Forough of Thoughts and Shiraz University of Technology, coincided with the 16th Electrum Exhibition And Telecom Fares are held at the permanent exhibition of Shiraz.
16:57 - 2017/07/12

AUTCup 2018

Science and technology of robotics and artificial intelligence as one of the pioneers of the future of humanity, has always been of interest to University societies and scientists. Amirkabir University of Technology with the purpose of progressing to achieve this important goal will hold the sixth Amirkabir Robotic and Artificial Intelligence festival with the cooperation of The International Federation of Robotics (FIRA) on 1-5 March 2018.
16:21 - 2017/07/12

10th Iranian Conference on Machine Vision & Image Processing

10th Iranian Conference on Machine Vision
11:29 - 2017/07/12

International Robot Exhibition 2017 - iRex 2017

The purpose of the exhibition is to gather and exhibit industrial/service robots and related equipment from around the globe under one roof, to help improve the technology to use robots and market development, and to contribute to the creation of new markets and promotion of industrial technology of robots.