Robotic Education:

10:04 - 2017/07/18

How to Make an Obstacle Avoiding Robot?

When my project mates and I started our B. Tech project on an “Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation Using Deep Reinforcement Learning”, we couldn’t find a complete circuit diagram of a robot that uses a Raspberry Pi. All we could find was connection diagrams of various components with a Raspberry Pi individually. So we thought we’d write this article after completing our project.
14:58 - 2017/07/17

How to Build a Simple Walking Robot?

Are DIY robots supposed to be hard to build? Of course not. You can actually build a simple walking robot without no Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or microcontroller involved! Here’s how.
08:21 - 2017/07/17

How to Build a Hexapod Walker Robot?

For my next project, I decided to create my version of a popular robot project: the hexapod walker. This Raspberry Pi-powered robot will have an autonomous mode where it runs by itself and avoids obstacles and a manual mode where it can be controlled by a smart phone. Interested? Here’s how I did it.