Robotic Education:

08:58 - 2017/09/28

"Robotics" Book: Free Download

This supplementary introductory text for courses in robotics or industrial robotics requires minimal knowledge of physics and mathematics. It treats many fundamental subjects in robotics and includes a glossary in English, French and German.
14:38 - 2017/09/27

"Robot System Reliability and Safety" Book: Free Download

As robots are used more and more to perform a variety of tasks in a range of fields, it is imperative to make the robots as reliable and safe as possible. Yet no book currently covers robot reliability and safety within one framework. Robot System Reliability and Safety: A Modern Approach presents up-to-date information on robot reliability, safety, and related areas in a single volume, eliminating the need to consult diverse sources.
13:50 - 2017/09/27

"Automation for Robotics" Book: Free Download

In order to enable a better understanding of the key concepts of automation, this book develops the fundamental aspects of the field while also proposing numerous concrete exercises and their solutions. The theoretical approach that it presents fundamentally uses the state space and makes it possible to process general and complex systems in a simple way, involving several switches and sensors of different types.
10:40 - 2017/09/27

"Sensors for Mechatronics" Book: Free Download

Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field combining Mechanical, Electronic, Computer, and other Engineering fields to develop intelligent processes and products. Based on thirty years of extensive work in industry and teaching, this book provides an overview of the sensors and sensor systems required and applied in mechatronics with an emphasis on understanding the physical principles and possible configurations of sensors rather than simply a discussion of particular types of sensors.
10:10 - 2017/09/27

"Practical Robot Design" Book: Free Download

Practical Robot Design: Game Playing Robots is a comprehensive guide to the theory, design, and construction of game-playing robots. Drawing on years of robot building and teaching experience, the authors demonstrate the key steps of building a robot from beginning to end, with independent examples for extra modules.
09:26 - 2017/09/27

"Programming Robots with ROS" Book: Free Download

Chapter 3. Topics; Publishing to a Topic; Checking That Everything Works as Expected; Subscribing to a Topic; Checking That Everything Works as Expected; Latched Topics; Defining Your Own Message Types; Defining a New Message; Using Your New Message; When Should You Make a New Message Type?
08:44 - 2017/09/27

"Robot Building for Beginners" Book: Free Download

Learning robotics by yourself isn't easy, but it helps when the encouragement comes from an expert who's spent years in the field. Not only does author David Cook assist you in understanding the component parts of robot development, but he also presents valuable techniques that prepare you to make new discoveries on your own.
14:26 - 2017/09/26

"Medical Robotics" Book: Free Download

This book provides a thorough background to the emerging field of medical robotics. It covers the mathematics needed to understand the use of robotic devices in medicine, including but not limited to robot kinematics, hand-eye and robot-world calibration, reconstruction, registration, motion planning, motion prediction, motion correlation, motion replication and motion learning.
13:46 - 2017/09/26

"Parallel Robot; Mechanics & Control" Book: Free Download

Parallel structures are more effective than serial ones for industrial automation applications that require high precision and stiffness, or a high load capacity relative to robot weight. Although many industrial applications have adopted parallel structures for their design, few textbooks introduce the analysis of such robots in terms of dynamics and control.
13:03 - 2017/09/26

"Planning and Decision Making for Aerial Robots" Book: Free Download

This book provides an introduction to the emerging field of planning and decision making for aerial robots. An aerial robot is the ultimate form of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, an aircraft endowed with built-in intelligence, requiring no direct human control and able to perform a specific task. It must be able to fly within a partially structured environment, to react and adapt to changing environmental conditions and to accommodate for the uncertainty that exists in the physical world.