Robotic Education:

11:01 - 2017/10/04

"Probabilistic Robotics" Book: Free Download

Probabilistic robotics is a new and growing area in robotics, concerned with perception and control in the face of uncertainty. Building on the field of mathematical statistics, probabilistic robotics endows robots with a new level of robustness in real-world situations. This book introduces the reader to a wealth of techniques and algorithms in the field. All algorithms are based on a single overarching mathematical foundation.
08:56 - 2017/10/04

"Beginning C for Arduino" Book: Free Download

Beginning C for Arduino is written for those who have no prior experience with micro-controllers or programming but would like to experiment and learn both. This book introduces you to the C programming language, reinforcing each programming structure with a simple demonstration of how you can use C to control the Arduino family of micro-controllers.
15:20 - 2017/10/03

"Probabilistic Graphical Models" Book: Free Download

Most tasks require a person or an automated system to reason -- to reach conclusions based on available information. The framework of probabilistic graphical models, presented in this book, provides a general approach for this task. The approach is model-based, allowing interpretable models to be constructed and then manipulated by reasoning algorithms.
14:04 - 2017/10/03

"Arduino Workshop" Book: Free Download

The Arduino is a cheap, flexible, open source micro-controller platform designed to make it easy for hobbyists to use electronics in homemade projects. With an almost unlimited range of input and output addons, sensors, indicators, displays, motors, and more, the Arduino offers you countless ways to create devices that interact with the world around you.
12:59 - 2017/10/03

"Pro Arduino" Book: Free Download

So, you've created a few incredible projects with Arduino, and now it's time to kick it up a notch. Where do you go next? With Pro Arduino, you'll learn about new tools, techniques, and frameworks to make even more ground-breaking, eye-popping projects.
11:17 - 2017/10/03

"Multiple View Geometry in Computer Vision" Book: Free Download

A basic problem in computer vision is to understand the structure of a real world scene. This book covers relevant geometric principles and how to represent objects algebraically so they can be computed and applied. Recent major developments in the theory and practice of scene reconstruction are described in detail in a unified framework.
10:04 - 2017/10/03

"Introduction to Mobile Robot Control" Book: Free Download

Introduction to Mobile Robot Control provides a complete and concise study of modeling, control, and navigation methods for wheeled non-holonomic and omnidirectional mobile robots and manipulators. The book begins with a study of mobile robot drives and corresponding kinematic and dynamic models, and discusses the sensors used in mobile robotics.
09:10 - 2017/10/03

"Industrial Robotics" Book: Free Download

Identifying a manufacturing process that can be automated is often a daunting task. It requires a team approach to qualifying, validating, and then finally, implementing a program. This book takes you through the best practices for each step, regardless of the application type or the industry segment. It will show you how to achieve the system expectations that were planned for and benchmarked, and it will also help identify the most common pitfalls - all without having to eliminate employees.
08:31 - 2017/10/03

"BeagleBone Robotic Projects" Book: Free Download

Develop practical example projects with detailed explanations; combine the projects in a vast number of ways to create different robot designs, or work through them in sequence to discover the full capability of the BeagleBone Black. This book is for anyone who is curious about using new, low-cost hardware to create robotic projects that have previously been the domain of research labs, major universities or Defense departments.
16:10 - 2017/10/02

"Robotics Demystified" Book: Free Download

McGraw-Hill's Demystified titles are the most efficient, interestingly written, brush-ups you can find. Organized as self-teaching guides, they come complete with key points, background information, questions at the end of each chapter, and even final exams. You'll be able to learn more in less time, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, and reinforce your knowledge and confidence.