Robotic Education:

14:30 - 2017/10/10

"Intelligent Automatic Generation Control" Book: Free Download

Automatic generation control (AGC) is one of the most important control problems in the design and operation of interconnected power systems. Its significance continues to grow as a result of several factors: the changing structure and increasing size, complexity, and functionality of power systems, the rapid emergence (and uncertainty) of renewable energy sources, developments in power generation/consumption technologies, and environmental constraints.
13:26 - 2017/10/10

"Mechanisms and Robots Analysis with MATLAB" Book: Free Download

Modern technical advancements in areas such as robotics, multi-body systems, spacecraft, control, and design of complex mechanical devices and mechanisms in industry require the knowledge to solve advanced concepts in dynamics. Mechanisms and Robots Analysis with MATLAB provides a thorough, rigorous presentation of kinematics and dynamics.
14:20 - 2017/10/09

"Robot Builder’s Sourcebook" Book: Free Download

This work includes listings of robot suppliers, including mail order and local businesses. The listings are cross-referenced so readers can find the best sources for their needs. Sidebars are included with additional information to help readers understand critical robotics technologies, such as motor types, sensor designs, and choice of materials.
13:34 - 2017/10/09

"Advances in Telerobotics" Book: Free Download

At the dawn of the new millennium, robotics is undergoing a major transformation in scope and dimension. From a largely dominant industrial focus, robotics is rapidly expanding into the challenges of unstructured environments. Interacting with, assi-ing, serving, and exploring with humans, the emerging robots will increasingly touch people and their lives.
10:45 - 2017/10/09

"Advances in Robotics" Book: Free Download

This volume is an edition of the papers selected from the 12 FIRA RoboWorld C- gress, held in Incheon, Korea, August 16–18, 2009. The Federation of International Robosoccer Association (FIRA – www. fira. net) is a non-profit organization, which organizes robotic competitions and meetings around the globe annually. The RoboSoccer competitions started in 1996 and FIRA was - tablished on June 5, 1997. The Robot Soccer competitions are aimed at promoting the spirit of science and technology to the younger generation.
09:38 - 2017/10/09

"Governing Lethal Behavior in Autonomous Robots" Book: Free Download

Expounding on the results of the author’s work with the US Army Research Office, DARPA, the Office of Naval Research, and various defense industry contractors, Governing Lethal Behavior in Autonomous Robots explores how to produce an "artificial conscience" in a new class of robots, humane-oids, which are robots that can potentially perform more ethically than humans in the battlefield.
14:06 - 2017/10/08

"Theory of Applied Robotics" Book: Free Download

The second edition of this book would not have been possible without the comments and suggestions from my students, especially those at Columbia University. Many of the new topics introduced here are a direct result of student feedback that helped me refine and clarify the material. My intention when writing this book was to develop material that I would have liked to had available as a student. Hopefully, I have succeeded in developing a reference that covers all aspects of robotics with sufficient detail and explanation.
12:03 - 2017/10/08

"Robotic Sailing" book: Free Download

While sailing has a long tradition, both as a means of transportation and as a sport, robotic sailing is a fairly new area of research. One of its unique characteristics is the use of wind for propulsion. On the one hand, this allows for long range and long term autonomy. On the other hand, the dependency on changing winds presents a serious challenge for short and long term planning, collision avoidance, and boat control.
11:04 - 2017/10/08

"Modern Control Engineering" Book: Free Download

This comprehensive treatment of the analysis and design of continuous-time control systems provides a "gradual" development of control theory--and shows how to solve "all" computational problems with MATLAB. It avoids highly mathematical arguments, and features an abundance of examples and worked problems throughout the book. Chapter topics include the Laplace transform;
10:17 - 2017/10/08

"Adaptive Control of Robot Manipulators" Book: Free Download

This book introduces an unified function approximation approach to the control of uncertain robot manipulators containing general uncertainties. It works for free space tracking control as well as compliant motion control. It is applicable to the rigid robot and the flexible joint robot. Even with actuator dynamics, the unified approach is still feasible. All these features make the book stand out from other existing publications.