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11:32 - 2018/02/18

How to Build a Robot Car? - Part Three

Understand the process. The hack in this section allows Arduino to drive the motors directly, without an external motor driver. The diagram shown here represents the IC (integrated circuit) on the motor driver circuit.
09:36 - 2018/02/17

How to Build a Robot Car? - Part Two

Cut four lengths of wire. You'll need four pieces of insulated wire, with each end stripped. Read this section first to find out how each wire is connected, so you can cut each one to the right length. Typically, each wire should be about 5 inches (13cm) long.
10:47 - 2018/02/14

How to Build a Robot Car? - Part One

Have you ever wanted to see your own robot car roving around? Build one with a few electronics parts, an Arduino micro-controller, and copy-paste programming. Even if you've never tried a project like this before, take the chance to practice your soldering and get familiar with some basic code.
11:32 - 2018/02/13

"Designing Autonomous Mobile Robots" Book: Free Download

Designing Autonomous Mobile Robots introduces the reader to the fundamental concepts of this complex field. The author addresses all the pertinent topics of the electronic hardware and software of mobile robot design, with particular emphasis on the more difficult problems of control, navigation, and sensor interfacing.
14:02 - 2018/02/12

How to build a simple robot?

There are lots of complex, time-consuming ways to build a robot, but there are also many simple ways. For instance, you can build a beginner's robot that shakes across the surface using a hobby motor, 9V battery, metal coin, and small plastic containers. While this robot won't do any fancy tricks, it's a good starting point for learning about the field of robotics.
10:52 - 2018/02/12

"Artificial Intelligence in the 21st Century" Book: Free Download

This new edition provides a comprehensive, colorful, up to date, and accessible presentation of AI without sacrificing theoretical foundations. It includes numerous examples, applications, full color images, and human interest boxes to enhance student interest. New chapters on robotics and machine learning are included. Advanced topics cover neural nets, genetic algorithms, natural language processing, planning, and complex board games.
10:14 - 2018/02/10

"Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach" Book: Free Download

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (AIMA) is a university textbook on artificial intelligence, written by Stuart J. Russell and Peter Norvig. It was first published in 1995 and the third edition of the book was released 11 December 2009. It is used in over 1100 universities worldwide and has been called "the most popular artificial intelligence textbook in the world". It is considered the standard text in the field of artificial intelligence.
13:15 - 2018/02/08

Micro-controller PIC Programming Training

Micro-controller PIC Programming Training
10:54 - 2017/10/15

"Artificial Intelligence – Agents and Environments" Book: Free Download

It provides an introduction to the topic with an emphasis on the use of agent-oriented design. Topics include agents, environments, agent movement, and agent embodiment. It also provides an introduction to programming in NetLogo. Accompanying the book is a series of exercises and NetLogo models (with source code and documentation) which can be run directly from an applet or downloaded.
09:13 - 2017/10/15

"Artificial Intelligence – Agent Behavior" Book: Free Download

This book is the second in a series on Artificial Intelligence. It adopts a behaviour-based approach to the design of agent-oriented systems. Topics covered from a behaviour-based perspective include agent communication, searching, knowledge and reasoning, and intelligence. Accompanying the book is a series of exercises and NetLogo models (with source code and documentation) which can be run directly from an applet or downloaded.