Robotic Education:

14:22 - 2017/08/06

Download RoboDK 3.2 Software

The online library of more than 300 robots, tools and external axis can be accessed directly from the application. You can also look for your robots in the RoboDK library page.
14:23 - 2017/07/24

How to Make Your First Robot Using Arduino?

One of the simplest projects you can make for your first time using an Arduino is an obstacle avoiding robot. If you are a beginner to Arduino and want to learn more about it, this Arduino robot tutorial will teach you the basics while you build a cool robot.
10:04 - 2017/07/18

How to Make an Obstacle Avoiding Robot?

When my project mates and I started our B. Tech project on an “Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation Using Deep Reinforcement Learning”, we couldn’t find a complete circuit diagram of a robot that uses a Raspberry Pi. All we could find was connection diagrams of various components with a Raspberry Pi individually. So we thought we’d write this article after completing our project.
14:58 - 2017/07/17

How to Build a Simple Walking Robot?

Are DIY robots supposed to be hard to build? Of course not. You can actually build a simple walking robot without no Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or microcontroller involved! Here’s how.
08:21 - 2017/07/17

How to Build a Hexapod Walker Robot?

For my next project, I decided to create my version of a popular robot project: the hexapod walker. This Raspberry Pi-powered robot will have an autonomous mode where it runs by itself and avoids obstacles and a manual mode where it can be controlled by a smart phone. Interested? Here’s how I did it.