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08:39 - 2017/10/30

"Beyond the Galaxy" Book: Free Download

Beyond the Galaxy traces our journey from an ancient, Earth-centered Universe all the way to our modern, 21st century understanding of the cosmos. Touching on not only what we know but also how we know it, Ethan Siegel takes us to the very frontiers of modern astrophysics and cosmology, from the birth of our Universe to its ultimate fate, and everything in between.
13:22 - 2017/10/28

"Mars via the Moon" Book: Free Download

NASA’s international partners on the International Space Station are in favor of returning to the lunar surface, as are India and China. The horizon goal may be Mars, but the political, funding and the technological and medical infeasibility of such an objective means the next logical step is a return to the Moon.
09:56 - 2017/10/28

"From the Sun to the Stars" Book: Free Download

The book begins at the Sun then travels through the solar system to see the stars, how they work, and ultimately what they mean to us. The idea is to provide an integrated view of the galaxy and its contents. Along the way we look at spectra, atmospheric phenomena, gravity and the laws of motion, telescopes and how they work, interstellar gas and dust, star birth and death, and planets orbiting other stars. Most popular books tend to focus on one particular topic.
08:33 - 2017/10/28

"Planetary Geology" Book: Free Download

An introduction for students of Earth science and astronomy, Planetary geology is based on a course taught by the author for more than a decade to a broad spectrum of students in geology, physical sciences and human sciences. The book deals with the origin of planetary bodies, the forces that fashion their surfaces - notably tectonics, volcanism, wind and water, and meteoritic and cometary impacts - the rise and fall of icecaps and oceans, and the role of life in planetary history.
12:50 - 2017/10/25

"Observing Nebulae" Book: Free Download

"Observing Nebulae" Book enables anyone with suitable instruments to undertake an examination of nebulae and see or photograph them in detail. Nebulae, ethereal clouds of gas and dust, are among the most beautiful objects to view in the night sky. These star-forming regions are a common target for observers and photographers.
10:24 - 2017/10/25

"The Art of Astrophotography" Book: Free Download

In The Art of Astrophotography, astronomer and Astronomy Now columnist Ian Morison provides the essential foundations of how to produce beautiful astronomical images. Every type of astroimaging is covered, from images of the Moon and planets, to the constellations, star clusters and nebulae within our Milky Way Galaxy and the faint light of distant galaxies.
09:10 - 2017/10/25

"Eclipse: History. Science. Awe" Book: Free Download

Bryan Brewer's enduring classic - now updated with maps and details for the 2017 event - takes you on a grand, full-color pictorial tour of the history and science of eclipses. Discover how these rare and dramatic celestial events have influenced culture throughout the ages, from Stonehenge and ancient Egypt to Shakespeare and Mark Twain.
14:13 - 2017/10/24

"A Survey of Electrical Equipments" Book: Free Download

"A Survey of Electrical Equipments" Book: Free Download
10:53 - 2017/10/24

"The Universe in a Nutshell" Book: Free Download

The Universe in a Nutshell is a 2001 book about theoretical physics by Stephen Hawking. In it, he explains to a general audience various matters relating to the Lucasian professor's work, such as Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem and P-branes (part of superstring theory in quantum mechanics). He tells the history and principles of modern physics.
09:53 - 2017/10/24

"The Philadelphia Experiment" Book: Free Download

One day in 1943, at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, something happened ... Suddenly the U.S.S. Eldridge, a fully manned destroyer escort, vanished into a green fog, within seconds appeared in Norfolk, Virginia, and then reappeared in Philadelphia! For over thirty-six years officials have denied this, have denied any experimentation to render matter invisible -- have denied the reality of The Philadelphia Experiment.