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11:21 - 2017/11/01

"Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology" Book: Free Download

Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology has been updated and substantially expanded. Starting with the description of our home galaxy, the Milky Way, this cogently written textbook introduces the reader to the astronomy of galaxies, their structure, active galactic nuclei, evolution and large scale distribution in the Universe.
10:07 - 2017/11/01

"Observing the Moon" Book: Free Download

Observing the Moon Written by an experienced and well-known lunar observer, this is a hands-on primer for the aspiring observer of the Moon. Whether you are a novice or are already experienced in practical astronomy you will find plenty in this book to help you raise your game to the next level and beyond. In this thoroughly updated Second Edition, the author provides extensive practical advice and sophisticated background knowledge of the Moon and of lunar observation.
09:10 - 2017/11/01

"Making Your Own Telescope" Book: Free Download

Making Your Own Telescope that has been used with great success by countless amateur astronomers, this volume presents complete and detailed instructions and numerous diagrams showing how to construct a do-it-yourself telescope. No complicated mathematics are involved, and no prior knowledge of optics or astronomy is needed to follow the text's step-by-step directions, which also offer instruction in the fundamentals of practical optics.
13:30 - 2017/10/31

"The Road to Galaxy Formation" Book: Free Download

Written by one of the leading authorities in the field, this is one of the first book's to describe one of today's most important problems in cosmology - the formation of galaxies. The book tackles this great puzzle by discusses the beginnings of the process from cosmological observations and calculations, considers the broad features of galaxies that we need to explain and what we know of their later history.
11:42 - 2017/10/31

"Nuclear Physics of Stars" Book: Free Download

Most elements are synthesized, or ""cooked"", by thermonuclear reactions in stars. The newly formed elements are released into the interstellar medium during a star's lifetime, and are subsequently incorporated into a new generation of stars, into the planets that form around the stars, and into the life forms that originate on the planets.
10:30 - 2017/10/31

"Discovering the Universe" Book: Free Download

The tenth edition develops the main theme, 'the process of scientific discovery', through the clear, accurate presentation of key concepts found in previous editions. Updated with current research and modern theories of solar system formation, an 18-month access card for the planetarium software package Starry Night College is also included.
09:09 - 2017/10/31

"The Scientific Exploration of Venus" Book: Free Download

Venus is the brightest 'star' in the night sky and it has been observed since ancient times. Often dubbed Earth's 'twin', it is the planet most similar to the Earth in size, mass and composition. There the similarity ends: Venus is shrouded by a dense carbon dioxide atmosphere, its surface is dominated by thousands of volcanoes and it lacks a protective magnetic field to shield it from energetic solar particles.
13:06 - 2017/10/30

"Planetary Vistas" Book: Free Download

The word “landscape” can mean picture as well as natural scenery. Recent advances in space exploration imaging have allowed us to now have landscapes never before possible, and this book collects some of the greatest views and vistas of Mars, Venus’s Titan, Io and more in their full glory, with background information to put into context the foreign landforms of our Solar System.
10:56 - 2017/10/30

"Gravity; Where do We Stand" Book: Free Download

Gravity; Where do We Stand presents an overview of the current understanding of gravitation, with a focus on the current efforts to test its theory, especially general relativity. It shows how the quest for a deeper theory, which would possibly incorporate gravity in the quantum realm, is more than ever an open field.
09:48 - 2017/10/30

"Moons of the Solar System" Book: Free Download

Moons of the Solar System captures the complex world of planetary moons, which are more diverse than Earth's sole satellite might lead you to believe. New missions continue to find more of these planetary satellites, making an up to date guide more necessary than ever. Why do Mercury and Venus have no moons at all? Earth's Moon, of course, is covered in the book with highly detailed maps.