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09:43 - 2017/11/11

"Galileo’s Glassworks" Book: Free Download

Galileo’s Glassworks considers the lapse between the telescope's creation in The Hague in 1608 and Galileo's alleged acquaintance with such news ten months later. In an inquiry into scientific and cultural history, Eileen Reeves explores two fundamental questions of intellectual accountability: what did Galileo know of the invention of the telescope, and when did he know it?
08:30 - 2017/11/11

"A Short Journey from Quarks to the Universe" Book: Free Download

A Short Journey from Quarks to the Universe takes the reader for a short journey over the structures of matter showing that their main properties can be obtained even at a quantitative level with a minimum background knowledge. The latter, besides some high school physics and mathematics, consists of the three cornerstones of science presented in chapters 1 to 3, namely the atomic idea, the wave-particle duality, and the minimization of energy as the condition for equilibrium.
13:51 - 2017/11/08

"Epic of Evolution" Book: Free Download

Epic of Evolution offers a stunning view of how various changes, operating across almost incomprehensible domains of space and nearly inconceivable stretches of time and through the evolutionary combination of necessity and chance, have given rise to our galaxy, our star, our planet, and ourselves.
11:41 - 2017/11/08

"Principles of Star Formation" Book: Free Download

Principles of Star Formation presents a comparison of the various scenarios for star formation, discusses the basic physics underlying each one, and follows in detail the history of a star from its initial state in the interstellar gas to its becoming a condensed object in equilibrium. Both theoretical and observational evidence to support the validity of the general evolutionary path are presented, and methods for comparing the two are emphasized.
10:17 - 2017/11/08

"Atlas of Astronomical Discoveries" Book: Free Download

Atlas of Astronomical Discoveries, astronomy journalist Govert Schilling tells the story of 400 years of telescopic astronomy. He looks at the 100 most important discoveries since the invention of the telescope. Doing what Schilling does best, he takes the reader on an adventure through both space and time. Photographs and amazing pictures line the pages of this book, offering the reader an escape from this world and an invitation to a world far beyond what the unaided human eye can detect.
09:09 - 2017/11/08

"Life in Space" Book: Free Download

Life in Space shows how the emerging field of astrobiology investigates the nature of life in space. How did life begin? How common is it? Where do we fit in? These are the important questions that astrobiology seeks to answer.
13:40 - 2017/11/07

"Modern Statistical Methods for Astronomy" Book: Free Download

Modern astronomical research is beset with a vast range of statistical challenges, ranging from reducing data from megadatasets to characterizing an amazing variety of variable celestial objects or testing astrophysical theory. Linking astronomy to the world of modern statistics, this volume is a unique resource, introducing astronomers to advanced statistics through ready-to-use code in the public domain R statistical software environment.
11:25 - 2017/11/07

"Particle Dark Matter" Book: Free Download

Particle Dark Matter is an edited volume that describes the theoretical and experimental aspects of the dark matter problem from particle physics, astrophysics, and cosmological perspectives. The editor is Gianfranco Bertone. The volume contains chapters from 48 leading theorists and experimentalists working on the dark matter problem.
09:28 - 2017/11/07

"Exploring Black Holes" Book: Free Download

Exploring Black Holes provides tools that motivate tools that motivate readers to become active participants in carrying out their own investigations about curved space-time near earth and black holes. The authors use calculus and algebra to make general relativity accessible, and use quotes from well-known personalities, including Einstein, to offer further insight.Five chapters introduce basic theory.
09:02 - 2017/11/06

"Fundamental Astronomy" Book: Free Download

Fundamental Astronomy aimed at the science student market, this textbook is both for undergraduates and for graduates just beginning their courses who are looking for an overview. It covers the whole field of modern astronomy. While emphasizing both the astronomical concepts and the underlying physical principles, the text provides a basis for more further studies in the astronomical sciences.