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13:37 - 2017/11/18

"Fundamentals of Air Traffic Control" Book: Free Download

Fundamentals of Air Traffic Control covers the history and the reason for air traffic control, the equipment used for aerial navigation and air traffic control, and a description of the rules that are applied to separate air traffic, including how and why the rules are applied. It goes beyond a simple presentation of the FAA procedures and standards which are found in FAA publications;
13:03 - 2017/11/18

"Aircraft Design: A Systems Engineering Approach" Book: Free download

Aircraft Design: A Systems Engineering Approach covers the components and the issues affected by design procedures. The basic topics that are essential to the process, such as aerodynamics, flight stability and control, aero-structure, and aircraft performance are reviewed in various chapters where required. Based on these fundamentals and design requirements, the author explains the design process in a holistic manner to emphasise the integration of the individual components into the overall design.
10:32 - 2017/11/18

"Introduction to Aircraft Structural Analysis" Book: Free Download

Introduction to Aircraft Structural Analysis, Second Edition, is an essential resource for learning aircraft structural analysis. Based on the author's best-selling text Aircraft Structures for Engineering Students, this brief book covers the basics of structural analysis as applied to aircraft structures. Coverage of elasticity, energy methods, and virtual work sets the stage for discussions of airworthiness/airframe loads and stress analysis of aircraft components.
09:16 - 2017/11/18

"Gas Turbine Propulsion Systems" Book: Free Download

Gas Turbine Propulsion Systems in Aerospace & Defense' pulls together all of the systems and subsystems associated with gas turbine engines in aircraft and marine warship applications. The subject of engine (fuel) control has undergone major changes in the past 20 years due to the advent of the digital electronic control technology and therefore existing books on the subject are typically out of date with current methods.
12:38 - 2017/11/15

"Airport Systems" Book: Free Download

Airport Systems Provides solutions to the most pressing airport concerns: expansion, traffic, environment, additions, etc. Full coverage of computer-based tools and methodology. Additional reports and updates available via authors' website.
10:56 - 2017/11/15

"Spacecraft Systems Engineering" Book: Free Download

Spacecraft Systems Engineering argues that the most important aspect of spacecraft system design is the ability to identify which aspects of the mission and which elements of the design influence the type of satellite and meet specific mission requirements. Spacecraft system design is influenced by the nature of payloads, commercial and political influences, and reliability factors. The complex interactions between craft subsystems are also considered.
09:25 - 2017/11/15

"Design and Analysis of Composite Structures" Book: Free Download

Design and Analysis of Composite Structures enables graduate students and engineers to generate meaningful and robust designs of complex composite structures. Combining analysis and design methods for structural components, the book begins with simple topics such as skins and stiffeners and progresses through to entire components of fuselages and wings.
13:42 - 2017/11/14

"Satellite Technology" Book: Free Download

Satellite Technology explains satellite technology fully, beginning by offering an introduction to the fundamentals, before covering orbits and trajectories, launch and in-orbit operations, hardware, communication techniques, multiple access techniques, and link design fundamentals. This new edition also includes comprehensive chapters on Satellite Networks and Satellite Technology - Emerging Trends.
10:51 - 2017/11/14

"Seismology" Book: Free Download

Seismology provides an approachable and concise introduction to seismic theory, designed as a first course for undergraduate students. It clearly explains the fundamental concepts, emphasizing intuitive understanding over lengthy derivations. Incorporating over 30% new material, this second edition includes all the topics needed for a one-semester course in seismology.
09:28 - 2017/11/14

"Theoretical and Computational Aerodynamics" Book: Free Download

Theoretical and Computational Aerodynamics is aimed to be a comprehensive textbook, covering classical aerodynamic theories and recent applications made possible by computational aerodynamics. It starts with a discussion on lift and drag from an overall dynamical approach, and after stating the governing Navier-Stokes equation, covers potential flows and panel method.