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11:38 - 2017/11/28

"Industrial Electricity and Motor Controls" Book: Free Download

Turn to Industrial Electricity and Electric Motor Controls for complete coverage of the entire industrial electrical field_from the basics of electricity to equipment, to troubleshooting and repair. Packed with over 650 illustrations, the latest codes and regulations, many study questions and review problems, this career-building tool shows you how to boost your skills and confidence, and then apply this expertise effectively in the workplace.
09:52 - 2017/11/28

"Organic Solar Cells" Book: Free Download

Organic Solar Cells: Materials, Devices, Interfaces, and Modeling provides an in-depth understanding of the current state of the art of organic solar cell technology. Encompassing the full spectrum of organic solar cell materials, modeling and simulation, and device physics and engineering.
09:06 - 2017/11/28

"Electric Circuits and Signals" Book: Free Download

Solving circuit problems is less a matter of knowing what steps to follow than why those steps are necessary. And knowing the why stems from an in-depth understanding of the underlying concepts and theoretical basis of electric circuits. Setting the benchmark for a modern approach to this fundamental topic, Nassir Sabah’s Electric Circuits and Signals supplies a comprehensive, intuitive, conceptual, and hands-on introduction with an emphasis on creative problem solving.
13:01 - 2017/11/26

"Ten Essential Skills for Electrical Engineers" Book: Free Download

Ten Essential Skills for Electrical Engineers applies those fundamentals to practical tasks required by employers. Written in a user-friendly, no-nonsense format, the book reviews practical skills using the latest tools and techniques, and features a companion website with interview practice problems and advanced material for readers wishing to pursue additional skills.
10:49 - 2017/11/26

"Principles of Electric Circuits" Book: Free Download

Principles of Electric Circuits introducing basic electrical concepts and circuits, featuring chapter section reviews, worked examples, summaries, glossaries, key formulas, self-tests, problems, and selected answers. This fifth edition contains new PSpice sections in all chapters, a full-color format, and related exe.
09:43 - 2017/11/26

"Power Generation Technologies" Book: Free Download

Power Generation Technologies makes intelligible the wide range of electricity generating technologies available today, as well as some closely allied technologies such as energy storage. The book opens by setting the many power generation technologies in the context of global energy consumption, the development of the electricity generation industry and the economics involved in this sector.
13:38 - 2017/11/25

"Electronics For Dummies" Book: Free Download

Electronics For Dummies, 3rd Edition is Packed with hundreds of colorful diagrams and photographs, this book provides step-by-step instructions for experiments that show you how electronic components work, advice on choosing and using essential tools, and exciting projects you can build in 30 minutes or less. You’ll get charged up as you transform theory into action in chapter after chapter!
10:08 - 2017/11/25

"Electronic Principles" Book: Free Download

Electronic Principles provides the clearest, most complete coverage for use in courses such as Electronic Devices, Linear Electronics, and Electronic Circuits. It's been updated to keep coverage in step with the fast-changing world of electronics. Yet, it retains Malvino's clear writing style, supported throughout by abundant illustrations and examples.
08:46 - 2017/11/25

"Substation Automation Systems" Book: Free Download

Substation Automation Systems: Design and Implementation aims to close the gap created by fast changing technologies impacting on a series of legacy principles related to how substation secondary systems are conceived and implemented. It is intended to help those who have to define and implement SAS, whilst also conforming to the current industry best practice standards.
07:41 - 2017/11/25

"All-in-One Electronics Guide" Book: Free Download

All-in-One Electronics Guide comes with materials that engineers actually use in the real world with clear, easy-to-read explanations and with hundreds of diagrams, pictures, and enhanced graphics. It includes the latest technologies and market trends. Authored by an electrical engineer with real industry experience and faculty teaching experience, All-in-One Electronics Guide follows the college electrical engineering academic curriculum, one course per chapter.