Telegram Bot:

09:32 - 2017/06/14

Telegram Bot: Find a good GIF

The robot is solely for photographs and moving images (GIF) interesting and funny dialogue is applicable for use in environments. The robot using various data bases could best third in robot cable (with English) adhered.
09:12 - 2017/06/14

Telegram Bot: Free Download of Youtube

The robot with high performance, a functional interface to search and download videos from YouTube. The robot allows you to download videos with different resolutions and convert them to MP3 files and provides output.
09:02 - 2017/06/14

Telegram Bot: Reference of Movies

The robot utilizes a database of the website IMDB, complete information on the film puts at your disposal. Year, time, country, Producer, Director, Writer, a summary of the movie and movie posters using the robot is facing you.
08:47 - 2017/06/14

Telegram Bot: Weather Forecast

Due to weather conditions, not bad to You glance at the top of the robot in the field have a weather forecast. The current day's weather forecast, the next day, and five days later in the form of the use of different languages (including Persian) provides. Additionally, you can also get weather alerts concerning different.
14:41 - 2017/06/13

Telegram Bot: Upload files to the cloud storage

The robot, which you receive files in the cloud storage. The robot is now possible to interact with services like Dropbox and Yandex Disk is provided. After selecting the option to start or send command start /, to start the command login / used, select your desired service and enter login details to the service.
11:43 - 2017/06/13

Telegram Bot: Connect between Twitter to Telegram

With this robot can chat in groups telegram follow Twitter accounts. Thus any posts from users on the network Twitter to miss and Twitter postings possibility of sharing with friends as well as at all possible.
11:25 - 2017/06/13

Telegram Bot: Safe to Fly

This bot is used to check if flight or a plane is safe to fly.
11:05 - 2017/06/13

Telegram Bot: Convert to PDF

The robot with high power capability of converting popular formats such as doc, DOCX, .odt and jpg's and PDF output.
16:44 - 2017/06/12

Telegram Bot: Source Android Software

This bot, a complete set of software, games, security applications and different optimization for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac and Windows facing you.
16:18 - 2017/06/12

Telegram Bot: Free Download Content of Intagram

The bot will help you to target your photos and videos from Instagram, YouTube and projector download. To this purpose simply link their content to send to the robot.