Telegram Bot:

09:48 - 2017/06/21

Telegram Bot: Search in Wikipedia

This robot can scan articles of various types and you can read or share them. Anything found on Wikipedia can be found on your telegram, without having to connect to the Wikipedia site.
09:23 - 2017/06/21

Telegram Bot: Play the words guesses

If you need a fun robot to spend your time, you can get help from this robot and spend time by guessing different words in Persian. Of course, this robot has many different languages and you can use it to boost your vocabulary.
09:07 - 2017/06/21

Telegram Bot: Nastaliq

This robot can turn most Persian phrases and phrases into a beautiful Nastaliq line. You can type the poem and put the distance between the two cues with the "/" mark. With this robot, you can easily use and use more than 15 different manuscripts, including: one-third, broken, and ....
08:49 - 2017/06/21

Telegram Bot: Get Poems from Poets

Here is a wooden chamber with glasses of rain, for the sake of being together and overviewing poetry, pure texts, poems and great poetry from poets and contemporary artists! This robot, which claims to be the first and greatest literary robot in Iran, sends you a daily set of verses of Persian poetry.
13:04 - 2017/06/14

Telegram Bot: Hadis

11:35 - 2017/06/14

Telegram Bot: National Geographic Subscriber

However, if the time or do not have enough money to travel around the world, not bad by telegram, see the world through the eyes of professional photographers of National Geographic.
10:55 - 2017/06/14

Telegram Bot: Encyclopedia of Public Information

This robot Telegram, The Encyclopedia of teaching different content to users. Take advantage of the services associated with PDF files, test, intelligence, learn, learn interviewing techniques, test IAS, world history, geography and science issues that this robot is to support them.
10:31 - 2017/06/14

Telegram Bot: Learning English with Andy

Practice English with a friendly robot Andy. Talk, learn new words, study grammar and play games!
10:15 - 2017/06/14

Telegram Bot: Yandex Translator Bot

This intelligent robot, in fact, especially in the telegram interpreter is simple to translate words and even sentences from one language to another is provided. To determine the language (the source language) is enough to command / setmylang use and then, the target language with the command / tolang specify.
09:55 - 2017/06/14

Telegram Bot: Reminder Bot

This robot with a simple solution (after adjusting geographical location) allows you to set alarms and reminders provides different.