Telegram Bot:

09:18 - 2017/06/24

Telegram Bot: Last Football News

Get the latest football news from Iran and the world using this robot. The Telegram Robot also has the ability to connect to your channels and groups, and you can easily notify friends, acquaintances and audiences about the latest football events in the shortest possible time.
08:58 - 2017/06/24

Telegram Bot: Last News of Prespolis

Those who are fans of Persepolis, this telegram robot can find the latest news from their favorite team and follow them. With this robot, you can even access the Persepolis store and buy the necessary items from your favorite team: Bracelets, Necklaces, T-shirts, and more.
08:26 - 2017/06/24

Telegram Bot: Free Download of Azan

With this robot, you will be able to download the awards of various Iranian and foreign professors, or download various prayers and prayers with the pleasing sound of different professors. So you do not need tedious searches to find an adjunct, claim, and announce your favorite voice.
08:14 - 2017/06/24

Telegram Bot: Video to GIF

With this robot, you can turn your video into the desired file by turning it into a GIF and easily and without using the GIF conversion software, do it with a few simple commands.
15:53 - 2017/06/22

Telegram Bot: Searching Your Musics

This telegram robot is able to find and execute any desired song you have in mind. Simply click the relevant commands in the menu of the robot and wait for your request. It has different categories: New, Foreign, Turkish and Arabic
14:58 - 2017/06/22

Telegram Bot: Yosha Bot

Ask the YoshaBot Telegram to tell you a joke, offer a new food or get rid of the news of the day; ask him for new software and do the things he can do well. With this robot, you can also find out the exchange rate.
14:06 - 2017/06/22

Telegram Bot: Job Search in Telegram

This robot receives your accurate profile and, with your resume, is looking for the right employer to hire you; a convenient user menu and simple instructions make it a robust audience. If you are looking for a decent job or a good employee for your job, do not miss this exceptional robot.
13:29 - 2017/06/22

Telegram Bot: Put Subtitles in Movies

To work with this program, first send the image to your robot and respond to the same message and enter your custom text up to 340 characters and share it with others. It's easy to work with this robot and you can easily capture your favorite videos in the language you want.
12:45 - 2017/06/22

Telegram Bot: Make a Watermark

If you're a channel manager or group leader, it's a good idea to put your watermark on your posts so that your channel link is also included when copying an image. This is possible with the help of software such as Photoshop, but the most successful Iranian logo, called Logogram, can make you beautiful and diverse watermarks in the shortest possible time and speed up your operation.
12:29 - 2017/06/22

Telegram Bot: How to Build a Telegram Robot

To build your own personal robot, you can get help from the official telegraph robot for this purpose. This robot follows a series of commands to run, which you can use from the menu in the robot. How to build a robot is very simple given the steps you should take. So you will be the owner of your own personal robot.