Telegram Bot:

08:23 - 2017/07/03

Telegram Bot: Movie Searching in IMDb

This robot telegram, using the IMDb website database, provides you with comprehensive information about cinematic films. The production year, duration, producer country, director, writer, and summary of the film are exploited by this robot.
07:37 - 2017/07/03

Telegram Bot: Announcement of Shari'a

When you leave your city and travel, it's always been a matter of time for you to declare your prayers and fulfill your prayers. With this telegram robot, you will not need to seek the time of prayer and religious prayers. This robot displays smart telegrams, religious prayers in various cities. Areas that are not on the list will calculate religious times based on geographic location.
15:22 - 2017/07/02

Telegram Bot: Last News of Liverpool

Football Robot to receive news, points, reviews and calendar of Liverpool Club games. After starting the robot, you must first select the language and then you can use different buttons to get news about the club.
14:27 - 2017/07/02

Telegram Bot: Statistic

Using this robot, a useful telegram will allow channel holders to receive statistics about their channel members. The robot allows channel owners to post formatted messages and schedule messages on their channel.
08:50 - 2017/07/02

Telegram Bot: Children's Song Collection

With this telegram bot, you can access the largest collection of songs, songs and stories of children, along with lyrics and songs, and create sweet and entertaining memories for your child.
08:22 - 2017/07/02

Telegram Bot: English Test

If you are looking to learn English, just work with this telegram robot and meet your educational needs in the 50 stages of English language testing. Also, at the end, you will send the test results.
07:50 - 2017/07/02

Telegram Bot: Name-Family Game

07:25 - 2017/07/02

Telegram Bot: Farsi Subtitle

You do not need to search for subtitles for your desired movie. It's enough to be a member of this robot so you can get the latest movie subtitles. With this telegram robot you can get subtitles of movies, serials or collections of your choice.
09:42 - 2017/07/01

Telegram Bot: Create Vote in Telegram

With this widely used robot, you can create a poll on your channel or group of telegrams. The method of working with this robot is very simple. First, send the text of your question to the robot, then enter the number of options you want and apply the /done command.
09:16 - 2017/07/01

Telegram Bot: Othello Game

Chat and chat with your friends in tuneup or groups or anonymously on the Othello Robot. An interesting arcade game titled Shakespeare's Othello Tragedy. Othello is the commanding officer of the Black Army of Venice, and Desmond is his white wife.