Telegram Bot:

11:46 - 2017/07/09

Telegram Bot: Buy List in Telegram

Using Grocerylist's bot Telegram, you can easily manage your shopping list and share it with your family and friends on the Telegram. You can use this telegram robot even in chat groups.
11:25 - 2017/07/05

Telegram Bot: The Best translator bot

One of the best telegram bot is an interpreter capable of translating 104 different languages. Just put the text on the robot. You can use the /tolang and /mylang commands to set and view destination languages.
11:00 - 2017/07/05

Telegram Bot: Changing Your Profile Pic

A robot is a very easy and fun telegram that transforms your selfie photos into beautiful artwork. To use this telegram robot, just upload the photo and select the style you want.
15:09 - 2017/07/04

Telegram Bot: Last news of Barcelona

With this telegram robot, you can share live news, scores, game reviews and club calendars with Barcelona fans. Has options like: recent games, leading games and more.
12:17 - 2017/07/04

Telegram Bot: Arsenal News Bot

With this telegram robot, you can stream live news, scores, game reviews and club calendars to Arsenal fans. It has various commands such as: start of the robot, recent game results, upcoming games calendar, language change and future game calendar.
10:10 - 2017/07/04

Telegram Bot: Gimme a Beard bot

A fun and fun robot with which you can add funny beards to the faces of different people. After the robot starts, just put the photo on the robot. There are several different beard models that you can choose from.
09:13 - 2017/07/04

Telegram Bot: Record online notes

With this telegram robot, you can save your notes online and call them later in your conversations by typing BNoteBot @. To use this robot, click Start and then select the language you want. The note will be saved by clicking the Add memo option and adding the text. Clicking on Saved Memo will display options for editing, deleting, setting reminders and dates for notes.
08:49 - 2017/07/04

Telegram Bot: Send Post to WordPress

A remote content management tool, along with simple commands that belong to the WordPress website. With this robot and a few clicks, you can add, edit and delete text, pictures, video or audio files on your blog or posts on the website. After the start of the robot, you must first give the site address and username and password to the robot, and then you will be presented with the help / help of the robot's instructions. By using the commands you can enter your content and add to your site.
07:54 - 2017/07/04

Telegram Bot: Edit audio file

Telegram Bot for people who deal with music and audio files. For example, you can convert podcasts with this robot to mp3 format, or define for that tag and cover, and many other features that you will learn more about these features after installing it.
14:22 - 2017/07/03

Telegram Bot: Hidden bot for writing

With this telegram robot, you can write hidden texts. The text is written in black, or a question mark is written and a button called Read is placed below the text, which is displayed by clicking on the button. To write hidden text, you must confirm and then type the hideitbot text, and then type the text followed by it.