Telegram Bot:

16:45 - 2017/07/15

Telegram Bot: Create Short Link in Telegram

With this telegram bot, you can shorten the link you want using the Google shortcut system ( to easily connect to someone who wants to enter long links, without having to type long domains.
09:13 - 2017/07/12

Telegram Bot: Last Price of Automobile

With this telegram robot, you can find out the latest prices of domestic and foreign cars in the market in both the price and the floor price. It also has a wide range of brands from car makers across the globe.
08:42 - 2017/07/12

Telegram Bot: Measure General Information

Using this telegram robot, you can answer general information questions in a variety of areas, such as: literature, geography, law, etc., and quantify your information in these areas through question and answer.
15:44 - 2017/07/10

Telegram Bot: Solar Calendar Reminder

One of the problems that has been raised for the Persian language is a reminder of the history of the Sun. With this telegram robot, you can automatically save your reminders on a telegram based on the date of the shipment to give you an alert at the time you want.
12:03 - 2017/07/10

Telegram Bot: Free Download Qari of the Holy Quran

With this telegram robot, you can have quick and easy access to Qari of Holy quran scriptures. You will not need long and tedious searches and everything is possible to you.
11:19 - 2017/07/10

Telegram Bot: Training Martial Arts

Using this telegram bot you can receive all martial arts training in the form of a photo. For example, in the Parkour section, you will be able to learn about its history and see single player, doubles and more.
14:52 - 2017/07/09

Telegram Bot: Finding Site Domain

This telegram bot will help you to check the domain of your choice without spending too much time. For example, we can type the command and send it to the robot: cfp co ir. Here, we mean that the bot will check if there is a possibility to register the domain with the address The robot responds to your response to which domains can register.
11:58 - 2017/07/09

Telegram Bot: Chess Game in Telegram

Chess is one of the most popular games in many societies. Using the telegram chip tethering robot, you can easily do it through your telegram. How to use the robot is very simple and after the start, you will be shown at each stage possible moves.
11:46 - 2017/07/09

Telegram Bot: Buy List in Telegram

Using Grocerylist's bot Telegram, you can easily manage your shopping list and share it with your family and friends on the Telegram. You can use this telegram robot even in chat groups.
11:25 - 2017/07/05

Telegram Bot: The Best translator bot

One of the best telegram bot is an interpreter capable of translating 104 different languages. Just put the text on the robot. You can use the /tolang and /mylang commands to set and view destination languages.